Are You Offering Too Many Services or Products?

3 Legged Stool Parable

You probably know that a stool only needs at least three legs to stand and support your weight. Yet how often do you see a stool with more than three legs? If a stool only needs three legs, why would you bother adding more? That’s a series of questions I find myself asking so many business owners. If you’ve done it right, you’ve built a business providing services or … [Read more...]

When Does the User Experience (UX) End?

I recently purchased a new wallet and the user experience was amazing! Until it ended. For some people a wallet is a wallet, but for me, this is a big deal. Not because I'm a wallet collector or anything, I just like minimalist wallets and it has been hard to find a quality replacement for my 6 year old wallet. I don't recall how I found the company I purchased my wallet … [Read more...]

Why blogging and SEO are important for small businesses?

Answer: a. For most small businesses, they do not have the financial resources to run a bunch of advertising and marketing campaigns. Many don't have the resources to even have a professionally designed and optimized website built. At least with blogging and some simple SEO you can do yourself, you still have an opportunity to be present, be found, and get your business in … [Read more...]