A child’s toy and a missed opportunity!

curious georgeFour or five weeks ago my wife purchased a Curious George stuffed toy from Kohls for our 3-year-old, Nephi. It was a promotional piece, and was selling for only $5.

About two weeks ago, we noticed that Mekhi, our 10 month old loves this Curious George toy.

mekhi and georgemekhi and george

For $5 it was a no brainer, we headed back to Kohls to get another George toy. Unfortunately the promotion was over. I even checked on the Kohls website, but to my disappointment they were no longer available. And sadly enough, before the promotion ended they were selling for $2.50 online!

Knowing how much Mekhi loves to cuddle on this monkey, last weekend I decided I would let him take Nephi’s to bed during nap time and see if he slept better than usual.

I was presently surprised when he didn’t do his usual 10 to 15 minute cry before falling asleep. In fact, he didn’t cry at all and both of his naps were longer than usual!

For about 4 days we got away with Mekhi sleeping with his brother’s toy, however, this past Sunday Nephi noticed Mekhi was sleeping with his monkey and insisted he have it back!

So I went to my favorite online shopping center, Amazon, and started searching for another Curious George toy for Mekhi.

I found a few, but the cheapest one was $19.99 and it was prime, so I bought it. Two days later Mekhi had his very own monkey and is sleeping great!

After making my purchase I realized that somebody probably bought $100 (or more) worth of those $2.50 to $5 toys and is now selling them on Amazon for $19.99.

I will admit, I didn’t see the opportunity here!

And now I’m the sucker spending three times more for a silly toy! Oh the things we do for our kids!

Nephi and Mekhi

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