Dying for one last burger!

Sunday night we spent a good 3.5 hours at the Gilbert Emergency Hospital because our son Mekhi was having difficulty breathing.

While there, I saw something that really boggled my mind. I was going to take a picture, but figured it would be an invasion of privacy so…

I’ll just paint you a picture.

As the nurse was rushing us to our room, I looked in one of the rooms we passed and this is what I saw.

A very large man, probably 500lbs laying on the gurney which wasn’t visible because he was so large. He seemed to be lifeless. There was no movement, I couldn’t even see his chest moving from his breathing.

And the shocking part, sitting in the chair next to his bed, an over weight woman, although not nearly as large, crying while she was scarfing down a McDonald’s hamburger, super-sized fry and soda.

I made the assumption that they must have stopped on the way to the hospital to get her food (there was nobody else in the room or in the waiting area), but I guess someone could have brought it to her.

I also made the assumption that the man was probably in the hospital due to extremely poor health (safe assumption), based on his weight, which was most likely caused by poor nutrition.

Yet, here this woman is, eating the same crappy food, if you can really call it food, that is literally killing this man whom she obviously cares about or she wouldn’t be there and she wouldn’t be sobbing.

Every health complication that this man has, will probably be attributed to his poor eating habits.

I’m sure someone will think I am being rude, insensitive, and maybe say I’m out of line.

But let’s face it, this is reality here in America! People are literally killing themselves because they want to eat what is easy, convenient and “taste good”.

We as a society are lazy! And too many people are literally dying because they are too lazy take care of themselves. It’s sad.

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