Proof that natural remedies work, even in a hospital!


Mekhi ER 2013On Sunday, we rushed our 10 month old Mekhi to the ER because his ability to breath was becoming more and more restricted.

UPDATE: It is Tuesday now, and he is much better. Healing very quickly. And back to being a very happy boy!

When we walked into the ER, the nurse heard him struggling to breath and immediately rushed us to a room. They kept saying, “he has Croup”, which is a respiratory virus that is pretty serious for infants.

When we got to the room, they hooked him up to a machine to monitor his heart and O2 levels (picture above). The respiratory nurse came in and started him on a breathing treatment. Which he hated, and it was kinda funny how much he fought having that stuff blowing in his face.

My wife, with my support, prefers the homeopathic or natural course of action when it comes to taking care of our family. The Doctor and Nurses did not appreciate it one bit and they were not shy about letting us know.

We have been to that ER probably a total of 4 times, and this was the first time the service absolutely SUCKED.

The Doctor was a total jerk, talking to us like we were stupid for not wanting the medication. Which by the way didn’t do anything but give Mekhi I rash on his butt that was so bad it was bleeding.

The thing I thought was ridiculous was their approach. Instead of providing education and making sure we understood how the medication is supposed to help and why it was so “critical” he have it, they tried to scare us into the decision. Saying things like, ‘if he doesn’t get this he could die!’.

When they took his temperature which was 102, they wanted to give him Motrin. My wife said no, and the nurse went on about how if he doesn’t get his temperature down and it gets to 103 he could have a seizure, “do you know what that is!? He could get brain damage!”. At this point I said, “it’s fine, we don’t want it”. She stormed out, went straight to the Dr. and told on us! He came in and surprisingly talked to us like adults this time.

He asked my wife what she normally does for fevers. She told him that she uses Peppermint oil and rubs it on the kids feet. He asked how long it takes and we didn’t have an answer for him, so he said he would come back in 30 minutes to see if he had improved.

We applied the peppermint oil to Mekhi’s feet and it was amazing.

Remember, he was attached to the machine so I could see his heart rate, which was in the high 170s and low 180s before applying the oil.

After less than 10 minutes, Mekhi’s heart rate was hovering between 138 and 150 and was like that until a nurse or the doctor came in. At which point it was obvious he didn’t care much for them either.

The Doctor ended up coming back 1 hour and 20 minutes later and saw that he had significantly improved. They did another temperature check and he was down to 100.4.

I later learned (from a nurse) that any time they do a rectal temperature check they mentally subtract one degree from the result (because a rectal temp check isn’t the most accurate). Meaning, Mekhi’s 102 starting temp was really 101 and his ending temp was really 99.4.

It was an interesting experience. As a result, I probably wont, unless prompted by the spirit or in a truly life threatening situation, give permission for my kids to receive medications.

Additionally, if there is a next time, I’ll ask more questions and demand better answers.

Growing up with a mom who is a nurse, I was conditioned to think that the right answer was what the people with the letters at the end of their name say it is. However, multiple experiences have shown that those people with the letters at the end of their name can be the most ignorant of them all.

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