Living In A Faceless Society

Not too long ago, it seemed a bit strange to see someone wearing a surgical mask or some other type of mask in a public place. Even more interesting, it seemed the large majority of those that were wearing a mask, even before COVID-19, were Asian. Going a little deeper on that, do you find …

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It’s ok to make mistakes!!

It’s ok to make mistakes!! Unfortunately school teaches us that mistakes are bad and that we’re stupid for making them. And because that is how we are conditioned we live life trying to avoid making and even hiding the mistakes we do make. Even more sad, we don’t teach our children that is ok to …

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Success is Relative. Stop Comparing Yourself to Everyone Else!

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash Success is relative. We screw it up when we start comparing ourself to the everyone else and what success is to them. Chris Eggleston We all do it. We scroll through Facebook or Instagram and see the “wonderful lives” of our “friends”. Then we start to get frustrated. Because we’re not the …

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Now is the time to start building multiple streams of income

How you can use this time of crisis to start building multiple streams of income, without big cost of starting a business. In this video I’ll reveal my biggest asset and how it’s not dependent on 1 source. #thesmartreseller #affiliatebusiness #cashflow #workfromhome #sidebusiness