Shhh It Hit The Fan! And I Wasn’t Prepared! Were You!?


It was February 26, 2020 and for us it seemed like a normal day.

I was at work, but my wife was out shopping.

The crowds were a bit larger then usual, but what really stood out was the towers of toilet paper in peoples carts.

Toilet paper? Really! What’s going on??

It wasn’t towers of water and toilet paper, just T.P.

The media coverage of the Coronavirus was just beginning to increase fear in a large amount of people that otherwise would be a rational bunch.

We weren’t able to get T.P that day. But we did get lots of water!

I thought this would be a short lived craziness, but after about 2 weeks I realized, I needed to rethink this.

It was still impossible to get T.P (still a little confused by the T.P obsession) and now food and water were getting scarce.

We started placing orders for food and water and other supplies from every source we had.

Not going crazy, but realizing that most people were out of control and would make it increasingly difficult for those that were still being rational to survive.

After seven to ten days we had a good three month supply of food and water.

Toilet paper was still a bit hard to come by. 🤷‍♂️

In my lifetime, I’ve never experienced anything like this.

But as a husband and father I had put my family at risk. I didn’t make the effort to make sure we were prepared before the madness.

Making it worse, as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints, I have been told by Prophets and Apostles to be prepared both temporally and spiritually my whole life.

But I’d failed to follow that council and as a result we didn’t have what we needed at this time of “crisis”.

Fortunately there is still time!

Throughout the scriptures we read many accounts of trials given the people in order to help them get back on track.

I believe this is one of those times. God I trying to awaken his people.

God is wanting us to see things differently. He is trying to prepare us!

Moses wondered the desert with the Israelites for 40 years because God was waiting for them to get ready to receive his promised land.

Sadly, it took 2 generations before they were ready to receive Gods blessing. Moses never saw the promised land.

This really isn’t that uncommon today?

Sure maybe we don’t wonder in the desert (unless you live in Arizona) but God keeps sending trials and learning opportunities until we repent and get onboard with his plan or he has to write us off, a.k.a Sodom and Gomorrah.

Are You Awake!?

I’m not saying this COVID-19 “crisis” isn’t a big deal. For some, those in the highest risk category, it can be deadly. And that’s serious.

That said, this is not the event. This is not the end.

For some it’s going to be both temporary and spiritually challenging.

For many, the effects, namely economic shutdown, is going to cause financial ruin.

We can not expect for things to go back to “normal” or “pre-COVID-19” status.

There will be a new normal, which is actually more scary to me then the virus because I’m not sure what the new normal looks like.

Most people don’t understand the impact government bailouts or stimulus packages have on the economy and the future of our country.

Which is why I don’t believe the virus is as scary as what will come next.

And because of that these are the steps I’m taking to be prepared.

  • Listening to God’s Prophet
  • Working towards 12 month food/water supply
  • Supply of natural remedies and medication we need
  • Building a hydroponic garden
  • Using my government stimulus check to buy silver (Real Money)
  • Increasing my firearms and ammo supply
  • 72 hour and long-term survival packs ready to go

I’m not getting obsessed here. And I’m not losing my mind and filling my house with T.P.

I’m preparing myself and my family for survival through self-reliance.

The Government Can’t Save You!

So many people are looking to the government to bail them out of this crisis, and sure they just spent somewhere around six trillion dollars to help individuals, business and the airlines.

However, when you live paycheck to paycheck and struggle to make ends meet, have more consumer debt then you do annual income, live in a house you can’t really afford, and drive cars that are more a symbol of status then a means of transportation, your stimulus check is not going to save you!

The real problem is your Financial IQ.

Why do most people who win the lottery, or inherit a bunch of money end up more broke then they were before they got the big bucks?

Because they had no Finical IQ. If you’re not a good steward of money, and don’t know how to properly manage your money, getting a crap ton of it is only going to highlight your lack of financial intelligence.

I get my financial education from just a couple key sources:

Are you Ready to save yourself?

I recommend you start by reading or listening to the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

But also take a look at survival needs.

Do you need food and water storage? Are you prepared to live without running water and electricity?

You don’t have to go crazy, but start doing a few things to get better prepared. Start with a 3 month food/water supply. Buy a couple flash lights or solar lanterns. Put together a 72 hour pack for each of your family members (things you’d need to survive for 72 hours).

God really does want as many of us to survive and be able to live in his presence again, but he needs us to be better before we can go home.

He knows what we’re capable of and he has give us what we need to reach our potential, but sadly most of us will not ever know how that feels in this life.

Don’t squander the time you have, live life to the fullest not in fear, love your family, fight for freedom, and give as God would.

Photo by visuals on Unsplash

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