The Psychology of the ‘No Webinar Replay’

hosted by  Chris Eggleston

The Psychology of the ‘No Webinar Replay’

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The Psychology of the ‘No Webinar Replay’

Today, I am really excited to share this information with you. Mainly because I’ve seen some crazy awesome statistics, but also because it’s a simple hack you can implement to get more people to show up to your live webinars which will lead to bigger conversions!

If you’re using any of the webinar platforms or even Google Hangouts, there is a recording, and people have become very aware that there is usually a replay.

How many people register for your webinars knowing they can’t attend live but are banking on getting access to a replay?

I know I do this all the time.

Really what I’m explaining and demonstrating in this podcast is how you use this ‘no replay’ strategy to create urgency and scarcity in the minds of your registrants so that they show up.

I’ll share a personal experience of how Frank Kern used this strategy to get me to blow my whole schedule so that I didn’t miss his webinar.

It all comes down to a powerful sales technique called the “takeaway” that creates urgency and scarcity in people’s minds that cause them to take action because they’re afraid of missing out on something.

Finally, I’m going to walk you through how growth hacking really works and how it starts from day one of product creation.

In this 19 minute eposide, I’ll discuss:

  • Frank Kern’s recent webinar strategy
  • How to create urgency and scarcity
  • What you do with the recording
  • The TRUE definition and METHOD of Growth Hacking

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