I Doubled My Residual Revenue Because of These 2 Podcast Episodes

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In this article, I’ll share with you the 2 podcast episodes that have had the biggest impact on the growth and development of my business over the past few months. Along with sharing the podcast episodes, I’ll explain what it is about each episode that has been helped me make these new breakthroughs. Each of …

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5 Mistakes ‘S’ Type Business Owners Make

I’ve been in business a lot of years now. And my customers, for the most part, have been ‘S’ Type business owners. What I’ve noticed over the years is they all seem to experience the same issues. Which I believe can be contributed to these five things. Not generating leads when business is good Not expanding …

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How to Shift Your Thinking to Grow Your Business

A study of the book, Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki helped me understand a fatal flaw many Entrepreneurs I’ve worked with experience. This is it… Their thinking is all wrong! They think like an employee and not a business owner. In This Video I’ll Share: My philosophy and explain how this wrong thinking has had …

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