WordPress or ClickFunnels? Which should you use…

In this article, I’ll discuss the differences between WordPress and ClickFunnels, explain how to leverage each of these platforms and how to know which is best for your projects.

Why This Article?

Mainly because there has been a lot of articles popping up telling you not to use ClickFunnels and to use a “WordPress alternative” (FYI: these articles are written by solutions providers).

Problem is, there really isn’t a “WordPress alternative” solution.

You can build a funnel in WordPress, like you can with ClickFunnels, but it’s NOT an “out-of-the-box” solution.

You’ll have to put quite a bit of work in (list of resources below) to get WordPress setup to function like ClickFunnels does out-of-the-box.

Truth is, I am huge fan of both these platforms.

I’ve been developing with and preaching WordPress for over 10 years, and I’ve been using ClickFunnels for about 4 years.

For me WordPress was always the answer. It didn’t matter the project we’d do it with WordPress.

Which if you have the right skill and experience you can do anything with WordPress. However, it really comes down to “What’s the best solution for this problem?”.

And some times, there are solutions that fit better than a custom built WordPress site. They might even be more cost effective.

As a side note, WordPress and ClickFunnels play really nicely together, which you can read about in this article, WordPress and ClickFunnels Integration

The Difference

So far, everyone writing about why not to use ClickFunnels has focused on a couple of key things.

  1. The Money
  2. WordPress is Easier

I will start with the money.

If you have none, and you don’t have confidence in your ability to sell your thing and make some, then you will want to use a “free” platform.

There is always cost to doing business. Either you pay the cost required to get the results desired or you don’t pay and don’t get the results.

Each of these platforms has their cost.

  • WordPress: Low financial investment, High time investment
  • ClickFunnels: High financial investment, Low time investment

SUPER SECRET LINK => Get a ClickFunnels free 14 day trial then just $19/month here, limited time (usually $97-$297/month)!

It really comes down to opportunity cost. What is more valuable, time or money. You can watch my a video on Opportunity Cost here for more on what that means and how to determine which is most important to you.

To be completely fare. WordPress is NOT FREE!

Let me explain:

While the platform or software is free, to build a “ClickFunnel like solution” with WordPress will cost you money!

  • Hosting
  • Security
  • Ecommerce Plugins
  • Builder Plugins
  • WordPress Theme
  • Email Marketing Service
  • Support/Developer
  • Designer

That is just a short list! And the price for each of these will vary. (There is a list at the end of this post with recommended resources…)

For example, you could spend $6/month on hosting or your could spend $35/month on hosting. You could get a cheap developer for $5/hr or you could pay a more experience dev $100/hr.

Just remember, in most cases, you get what you pay for! Do not expect the same level of service/solution for $5 that you’ll get for $100.

To be completely fare. WordPress is NOT EASIER!

If you are very familiar with WordPress and good at putting things together and figuring out how they work, (do you like putting together IKEA furniture) then WordPress could be easier.

You saw the short list above, those are pieces to the puzzle you will have to figure out and/or pay someone to put together for you.

These guys writing the article are not lying, they’re just not telling the story from your perspective.

Could you figure it out? Sure, probably.

I think the more appropriate question is, can you afford to spend the time to figure it out?

Let me explain…

If you’re trying to build a website or sales funnel for your business, so that you can sell your widget or widget building service, does it make since for you to allow yourself to be distracted from that focus, to put together a sales funnel platform when you could spend less than $100 a month to plugin in to a platform (no assembly required) and start selling?

Again this comes back to opportunity cost (video here).

If your time is worth $100 an hour, does it make since to spend 2 hours a month manicuring your yard when you could pay someone $80 a month to do it every week?

If you hire an expert, you’ll work 1 hour each month to pay the landscaper to show up 4 times, and you still make money on that hour!

If you do it yourself, you’ll lose 2 hours of money earning time, coasting you $200/month.

What is your time worth?

Hours of frustration trying to build your own ClickFunnels platform with WordPress or $97 a month to plugin and go?

ClickFunnels is easy, but learning and setup is required!

While you won’t be required to build out the platform or setup a bunch of plugins to get all the awesome features and functions needed to build a true sales funnel, you will still have to setup your account and build your sales funnel.

One way to look at ClickFunnels is like a glorified website builder with one core focus, to build funnels.

While it is easy to use, drag and drop, click and type.

Figuring out the terminology and learning how to build a funnel, i.e which step goes where and when, may take some time.

funnel example
Example of a simple lead capture funnel.

The biggest difference, why I prefer to use ClickFunnels for sales funnels:

Even though I could build a platform in WordPress, I can get started with the building of funnels right away, I don’t have to waist time building the platform first!

There are even tools and solutions to help you get started.

  • ClickFunnels Support Docs
  • ClickFunnels Cookbook
  • Me!

ClickFunnels has a cool feature called Share Funnels

Compared to WordPress these “Shared Funnels” are like themes. The design and structure of your site.

How Share Funnels work:

I can create a funnel and share it with you.

When I share it, you will be given a download link.

You then login to your ClickFunnels account (if you don’t have one, you will have an option to signup after clicking the share funnel link), and click the link.

That “Share Funnel” will automatically show up in your account, ready to use!

The point of this is to help you get started even faster!

SHHH…somewhere in this article is a “super secret link” that will give access to a share funnel!

If you want to do Funnels in WordPress … I Recommend these Resources:

Obviously, I am a huge fan of WordPress! I have used WordPress to provide for my family for over 10 years, I have a WordPress Support business, and I personally use it almost every day.

I just don’t think there is a single platform for every project/problem…But that said…

This stack will provide the quickest solution with the least resistance when building your sales funnels in WordPress!

My Role in Your Success

This is entirely up to you! But I am here to help!

If you want to use WordPress, but would prefer to have someone build out your funnels platform for you, just contact me through my WordPress support company here.

If you want to use ClickFunnels and need a consultant to help you setup and launch your first funnel? Message me on Facebook.

From resources and third party solutions, to getting my hands dirty, I’m all in!

If you’re unsure about ClickFunnels, I recommend you try a 14 day trial. Plugin, play with the platform, if you like it, let’s get together and get your first funnel launched!

The Wrap Up

Let’s review what we’ve learned…

  1. a. You could use either of these platforms to build sales funnels
  2. b. You should pick the platform that solves your problem the best
  3. c. Both solutions have their cost (opportunity cost)
  4. d. How to get ClickFunnels for $19/month
  5. e. I want to help you succeed!

This post wasn’t designed to convince you either way. I simply want to make sure you have the facts, and take the time to evaluate your options.

Most of what you are reading out there is why not to use ClickFunnels, and how WordPress is so easy and cheap. But I talk to people every day that were told the same things and are struggling to publish a simple website with WordPress.

Do yourself a solid and carefully way your options, do a trial, watch some videos whatever, just make sure you start down the right path or you’ll waist more time if you have to start again.

As always, if I can help answer questions get you more info, please use the comments or send me a message by clicking the Messenger icon.

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