Affiliate Marketing Custom Campaign URLs

In this video, you’ll learn how to leverage “campaign urls” with affiliate marketing programs to better track your conversions and make more money!

Why watch this video?

You’re only going to be interested in this video if you’re trying to increase your Affiliate Marketing conversions (sales).

This video shows you how I use custom URLs to better track clicks and how I use the data provided by the affiliate programs to track results and identify which type of content converts better.

You’re not an affiliate marketer?

It doesn’t really matter what you market! This strategy applies. I just am very specific in the video with affiliate programs.

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You could do what Fran Kern does.

He uses different domain names to track his clicks.

For example, he will purchase a domain say,, and only share that on social media, and use that one domain for a single funnel. Then he knows, where those clicks are coming from because he is only sharing that link on Facebook (as an example).

Alright here’s the video already!

Finished the video now what?

So if you’re done watching the video and think that is pretty cool, but maybe your new to affiliate marketing or really need some help getting your business producing results…?

I want you to do these steps next:

  1. 1. Signup for Affiliate Bootcamp (it’s free)
  2. 2. Leave a comment on this blog post that reads “DONE!”

Once you’ve done that, I will contact you!

The wrap up

Let’s do this! Stop waiting around here! Let’s get to work!

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