What Frank Kern Uses for Sales Funnels!! [secret revealed]

In this article I am going to reveal what software Frank Kern uses for his marketing and sales funnels. You may have heard that he got involved with Kartra, if so, you will be very surprised when you see what he actually uses.

Does It Really Matter?

Which is a valid question. Does it really matter what Frank Kern uses? Does it really matter what you use?

Short answer is I think it is!

I’m a huge fan of modeling what works. If it is good enough for someone like Frank Kern, it is good enough for me. If it is working for him, it will potential work for me.

There are many times I have worked with a business owner or consulted with one of our White-Label Partners, to find out that they are piecing systems together or wasting a bunch of time with manual processes to save a few dollars. (which actually cost you money)

When what they should do, is buy the right software solution, the one that provides exactly what they need to accomplish the task or get the end result that they want.

[Secret Revealed] What Does Kern Use?

Like I mentioned in the intro, Kern has been working with the Kartra founders to help build out the automation and provide the prebuilt campaign copy and workflow (which he talked about in a podcast episode).

However, I have not seen him using Kartra for the past several months, while he has been promoting his latest strategy and coaching program, kerncall.com (free video-no optin).

Here it is, evidence of what Kern uses for his sales funnels:

Kern Funnel Software

So if that doesn’t look familiar to you, it is Click Funnels!!

Here is one of the videos from Facebook, where Kern shows you his Click Funnels dashboard. The training is really good too so you should watch the whole thing!!

Why Does Kern Use Click Funnels?

Well I haven’t asked him, but I bet he would say, because its simple and it works.

Click Funnels works really good when you use it for what it was created for, sales funnels, or ecommerce sales, etc.

They currently have over 70,000 active monthly users.

Because it is so easy to use and the building of the pages and funnels is almost done for you, it makes it easy to launch your funnels quickly with little effort.

Therefore, when Kern is running new campaigns and wanting to launch new funnels and strategies quickly, why wouldn’t he use Click Funnels?

Not Using Click Funnels?

If you haven’t given Click Funnels a spin (or if you haven’t given it a spin lately) you really should!

You can try it FREE for 14 days by signing up at goget.xyz/clickfunnels

If you want to know how to get a free 14 day trial and then access to a secret $19/ month account (this is a limited account, but worth starting with if you’re unsure), just click here to send me a message and I’ll email you a the special link!


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