99 Marketing Secrets That Will Change Your Business

In this article, I’ll share one of my favorite marketing secrets and business resources and give you a little taste of what you can expect when you download your copy. This is a FREE resources and you can download your copy here: https://goget.xyz/freemarketing Marketing Secrets Resource This specific resource is a “book” of 99 different …

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The fastest way to get more eyeballs on your blog post

blog post boost

In this article, I’ll reveal my secret strategy (Blog Post Boost) for getting more views and boosting my ranking for my blog post. This strategy is simple and very specific, and doesn’t require spending money. I call it the blog post boost. Some Background on the Blog Post Boost When I am on social media, …

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Landing page sleight of hand

I’ve seen a lot of different strategies for increasing action on a landing page but this was the first time I saw someone use sleight of hand! I recently wrote about split test and provided a list of resources that I use to help me identify test ideas. However, this one isn’t in those resources! …

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