What I Learned About Henry Ford’s Secret for Success

In this article, I’ll share the secrets I learned studying Henry Ford’s business strategies and what actually made him successful. You’ll learn how one core concept was the key to his massive success and to us having affordable automobiles today. I’ll show you how you can use that same core concept in your business to …

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Why Your Business Must Have A Framework

In this article, I’ll outline the details of a recent Facebook Live video I did that explains this concept of having a single framework that you build your entire business off of. The video is also embedded below! What do I mean by Framework? If we simply define the word “framework” we’d read: “a basic …

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How I Make My 12 Week Year More Successful

12 week year notebook

In this article, I’ll introduce you to one of the most transformational books I’ve ever read and show you a simple productivity hack that has helped me implement the strategies and techniques taught in this book. The video in this post was taken from one of my past Facebook live episodes. The Book: The 12 …

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