Why Your Business Must Have A Framework

In this article, I’ll outline the details of a recent Facebook Live video I did that explains this concept of having a single framework that you build your entire business off of. The video is also embedded below!

What do I mean by Framework?

If we simply define the word “framework” we’d read: “a basic structure underlying a system, concept, or text”.

I like to think of it as a foundation or the core of your message.

What is that you want people to gain from your consulting, your courses and programs, or how do ensure you follow your system for consistent results?

By using a framework. A simple blueprint you can follow every time you do what it is you do or your students and clients can use to help them implement what you’ve taught them.

The business of a Framework

Top takeaways from the video

Having a framework can help you more effectively share your message and enable more people to more effectively implement your message.

These are a couple of the examples I illustrate in the video:

  • Different length presentations
  • Illustrated 1-Pager as a guide for implementation
  • Supports duplication (which will always increase revenues)
  • Systemized process

I also mentioned in the video that I would share an example of an illustrated framework. And I think Russell Brunson does an amazing job at this so I wanted to share one of his as an example.

This illustration is the actual framework for a funnel.

funnel framework

IF this is your first time seeing this, it may be confusing, but once you learn the each of these things means, when you look at this framework illustration, you’ll know exactly what to do!

Links mentioned in the Video

  • Dotcom Secrets Book

Additional resources on this topic



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