4 Things Businesses Need to Figure Out During and After Covid-19

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In this video I’ll discuss the 4 things I believe businesses should be evaluating now and preparing to implement once they’re able to operate at normal capacity

You might think these things don’e really apply to you or your business, but I would ask that you seriously consider the impact figuring these things out can have on your business.

Whether you’re a big business or a small solopreneur going at it alone these things apply to you!

The 4 things:

I have broken down each of these items in detail, my thoughts and ideas about what they each mean and how they are applicable.

Originally I was only going to have 3 things, but after hearing the amount of financial crisis going on in peoples lives due to job loss and poor money management, I decided that businesses are in unique position to help their people become better stewards of money.

  1. How to do Remote Work
  2. Improved communication channels
  3. Personal Health programs
  4. Personal finance education

Here’s the video

A bit of a close up! Enjoy!

The Wrap Up

Hopefully that video was helpful. I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, and anything you’re currently doing to improve your business and help you avoid a disaster with the next crisis, which will likely be an economical, and financial one.

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