Fun Simple Hack to Help You Get More Stuff Done!


You probably already know that there is enormous power in rewards.

In many cases, rewards are used when training kids, oh and of course animals.

The child is bribed with a reward and once they comply with the demands they are then rewarded.

Now I don’t believe this is the correct use of rewards. It trains the child to perform based on the premise that there will always be a reward and that’s just not reality!

If you’re using rewards to get what you want from your kids or dogs, you’re most likely using this technique improperly on yourself!

We live in a world, especially in the U.S, where people figure they can just borrow for what they want now instead of waiting until they can actually afford it.

There are times when we use tangible objects to motivate us to accomplish a goal, which is a good strategy.

For example, we may say, once I lose 100lbs I’ll treat myself to a cruise. Right, because I’ll look good at the pool now!

I knew a lady who wanted a new laptop computer but also wanted to quick smoking.

After a couple of weeks doing good at her, “quit smoking plan”, she decided that she didn’t need to wait to get the laptop. She felt she was doing good and could buy the computer now without hindering her success.

The other issue. She was suppose to use the money she was saving from not buying cigarettes to buy the computer.

Yes, as you can guess, it was an epic failure. She continued to smoke and had $1500 in new debt.

Here’s the Thing About Rewards…

When they’re used correctly the effects are mind blowing!

Take a minute to evaluate how you’re currently rewarding yourself.

Do you reward yourself more because you had a bad day and need something to help you cope?

Do you wait until the goal is achieved before rewarding yourself?

In either case, it’s wrong.

The first one should be obvious!

However, the second statement sounds right, but so few people can actually hold out until the thing is completed or achieved.

Because of the holdout, they often quit and give up feeling like they’ve only seen failure.

My Fun Simple Hack

Reward yourself for the little accomplishments and achievements along the way to the ultimate goal.

This doesn’t mean you do like the woman who financed her laptop just to have it now instead of waiting.

If your goal is to buy a car with a 60% down payment and you set a goal to save $1000 per month, you then need to establish milestones, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, etc.

Once you’ve consistently saved a $1000 every month until reaching a milestone, reward yourself with a minor reward.

These can be things that you’ll want for your new car such as a steering wheel cover, or a pair of dice to hang from the mirror.

Or it could be completely unrelated to the final destination but if this is going to work you have to use rewards that are big enough to have an emotional impact, helping you feel closer to your ultimate success.

Taking it a step further

If you can break down your goals to a micro level so that you have daily tasks that you can “check off”, just that satisfaction that you were able to check something off your list that is getting you closer to your goal is reward enough.

An example of this could be for a health goal.

If you’ve decided that you’re going to exercise 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday, and you’re able to check that off of your list in the first couple hours of your day. Can you imagine the new level of enthusiasm and satisfaction you’ll have the rest of the day!

Not only that but those mornings you wake up tired and not wanting to exercise, because you have had those daily rewards of satisfaction and success, you’ll have more power to get out the door and make it happen.


Stop rewarding your kids for good behavior, it’s only going to blow up in your face later!

Stop setting yourself up for failure with early or unearned rewards!

You wouldn’t go to a trophy shop and buy the first place bowling trophy to put on your shelf because you didn’t want to put the effort into actually earning it would you?

Have fun hacking away on your life and in your business.

I want to hear about how much more productive and successful you are!

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