Sales Funnel…Does Your Business Need One? [video]

In this article, I’m sharing a video with you that not only explains what a sales funnel is, but how it can benefit your business, regardless of what you sell, and it works for offline businesses too!

Sales Funnel Explainer Video

Simply put, a sales funnel is how we take our customers through our buying process. That is really the best way to think about it.

In my experience, most business owners have a hard time with this concept of sales funnels because they don’t have a clearly defined process or buyers journey.

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Example of Sales Funnel

We’ve all been to the dentist, I hope!

Have you ever gotten one of those post card in the mail, “Free teeth cleaning for new patients”, or something like that?

Maybe you’ve been to get you teeth cleaned but notice they tend to have a process of upselling you on, “other things you need”?

Look at this image below, it shows the “sales funnel” or buyers journey for a dentist.

Image Credit: Take from, Dotcom Secrets book, chapter 2, “The Value Ladder”.

They get you at “free” or “discounted” cleaning, then once you’re in the chair, they start to make recommendation for the next thing you need. Those are the items ascending up the ladder.

Another Sales Funnel You May Be Familiar With

The chiropractor!

They entice you with a free massage, or a discounted “new patient examination”. But once you’re on the table, the doctor starts making recommendations.

Here is what their buyers journey or sales funnel might look like.

sales funnel

Image Credit: Take from, Dotcom Secrets book, chapter 2, “The Value Ladder”.

Notice how this one is a little more open after the adjustment. This is because the doctor will usually build a specific treatment or recommend a specific course of action that is unique for each patient.

The Wrap Up

Hopefully between the video and these simple examples you are able to understand a little better what a sales funnel is, and how you can use one in your business!!

If you’re on the fence and want to discuss some ways to apply this to your business, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to have a consultation with you to further discuss the application for your business.

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