Should you go all in on Click Funnels? Is it worth it?

In this article I’ll explain what Click Funnels is, the real purpose of why we buy software and my process for evaluating and valuing the software I buy and use which will also address the questions in the title.

If you make it through to the end, I’ll even be sharing a special offer that will save you a ton of money!

What is Click Funnels?

At the core it’s marketing and sales software. But as you start to peel back the layers it’s so much more.

Done right, you can use Click Funnels to automate your online sales. It works as good as if you had a salesperson walking someone through the close.

But you should really watch the video on their homepage, it’s hilarious and does an awesome job of explaining it!

Here’s a great sound bit from the video:

“If it were any better at taking people’s money it would be called the IRS!”  😂

From leads to sales, Click Funnels is capable of handling everything in between too.

Click Funnels Gold Digger

Why we buy software

When you think about software what comes to mind?

A couple common responses I hear are; Outlook, MS Word, Quickbooks, CRM, and others.

It does always surprise me that most don’t include things like Instagram or Facebook in their list of “everyday use” business software.

Anyway, typically we think of the software applications we use to help us complete our daily work tasks.

If you’re using Quickbooks, or better yet FreshBooks, you’re doing so to help you better manage your money.

It’s worth the few dollars a month or couple hundred a year to simplify the tasks that financial software helps with.

I think it’s safe to say, we buy software that enables us to make more money.

Software typically enables us to either do things smarter or to simply do things we’re not able to, like build websites.

Click Funnels is no different. It can enable you to:

  • Build a website
  • Setup lead capture forms
  • Sell products or services
  • Automate your follow up
  • And much more

But the most important part, you don’t have to be technical, you just need to dedicate the time to set things up.

Click Funnels Free Trial

How I value and evaluate software

I will focus primarily on applying this section to Click Funnels (CF).

Now there are other products on the market that are similar to, or offer some of the features CF has so you can do your own independent market comparison research if you’d like.

Let’s start with evaluating.

First thing. I want to make sure the software has what I “think” I need.

If the product has a free trial or demo videos or maybe a webinar presentation then I’ll usually signup for all or whichever one they have.

I always prefer to get a hands on trial when it’s available, and Click Funnels offers a 14 day unrestricted access trial.

One very important question I try to answer, “was this software created to solve a problem or a gap in the market?”.

If not it was likely just someone trying to get in on a growing market. Which tends to be a poorly done product.

If the answer is yes, you know there is a cause, a passion, and often an entire company behind its success.

Russell Brunson, the founder of Click Funnels, prides himself on not being VC backed. He has recently said that Click Funnels is the fastest growing non-VC backed software.

That’s pretty powerful!

They don’t have millions of somebody else’s dollars to throw away and risk. They are risking their own money. They’ve got more skin in the game.

Click Funnels was built to solve a problem and while there is huge passion behind the product, there is also a huge company, that would not exist if they had not used the software they built to also sell it.

Let talk more about money.

Not being VC backed means they need money to fund the company and product development.

You don’t want to go all in on a product that won’t be around in a month, leaving you to find another solution.

So how are they funded and is it sustainable?

Like I mention CF was built by actually using the product. And if I remember right, there were 3 product launches before they had a successful launch.

You can hear the stories and beginnings of all things Click Funnels if you listen to these recording of Russell sharing his secrets and failures.

These numbers I’m going to share with you below are not official, and only used to illustrate a point.

The only semi official number is that there are 60,000 plus active Click Funnels users. And I heard Russell say that recently on a podcast episode.

Click Funnels has two pricing options.

1. $97/month
2. $297/month

If we look at this conservatively. Let’s just say half of the users are on the $97 plan and the other on the $297 plan.

30k * 97 = 2.9m per month
30k * 297 = 8.9m per month

That’s over 11 million dollars a month in revenue. Even if they had a 5 million dollar run rate they’d still be sitting pretty with 6m in monthly profit!

As for sustainability, every subscription service has to keep new blood coming in to maintain sustainability, but Click Funnels has build a community or culture, as they call it, of people who will never quite. They’ve also added another level of power users, which I explain below.

Now let’s look at the value

Russell did something really smart, he created the comma club.

These are groups of Click Funnels users that are breaking commas in sales with the use of the software, starting with $1,000,000 making that the 2 comma club.

There are hundreds of users in these clubs. And the chances are you can find someone in the same industry or business as you having tremendous success with Click Funnels.

The old, “If I can do it, you can too!” concept is real.

You may not be able to distinctively say that the value is there for you until you actually put it to work, but if you can connect with real people who are having real success you can at least start to do the math to see what’s possible for you.

You have to also consider how much you value your time and how soon you want to be making sales.

You may be able to build a sales funnel with WordPress and integrate it with Convertkit or MailChimp, but none of that will be as easy and seamless as it will be with Click Funnels.

I’d prefer to get the system set up as quick as possible so I can start driving traffic to my funnels and make money.

If it takes me 4 to 6 weeks to launch a funnel before I can start selling my products or services I’m going to hit some financial problems.

In order to get to the money, you’ve got to get people to your offer.

The Wrap Up

I’m a fan. I use it and have helped others find success with Click Funnels.

I honestly do not believe there is any other software on the market that offers the potential and ease of use that Click Funnels does.

And it’s always improving.

We buy software to make our life easier, but ultimately to make us more money.

The value is huge, but like everything it comes down to execution. Making the right offers, running the right promotions connecting with the right consumer.

As a complete package Click Funnels and Russell offer more than just software. There’s also a suite of training and education available, most of it free, that will enable you to nail the execution too!

Here’s a list of the education and training resources available to help you nail the execution:

Special Offer!

If you’ve made it this far I have an offer that is exclusive and not always available to the general public. This is what you’ll get for just $999:

Special Offer

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If you need more info first, go watch this webinar replay.

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