Are you using social media platforms the right way?

In this article, I am going to share the best strategy for how to properly use each media platform. You’ll be able to listen to a replay of a live presentation give by Russell Brunson, a brilliant marketer, who has proven these strategies work.

The Media Platform Strategy

In this audio Russell explains the strategy for how to use Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and a Podcast.

In the presentation Russell will cover each of these platforms and how they compare to old media.

It will blow your mind, but once you hear him break down each platform, it will make complete sense.

You can listen to the full episode below!

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Here is the break down…

Just incase you missed what he said, here is a list of each of the platforms he covered and how it relates to old media.

  • Podcast = Radio Show
  • Instagram = Reality Show
  • Facebook Live = Talk Show
  • YouTube = Sitcom

Getting Started

First of all, please take caution, do NOT get overwhelmed.

Yes, we should be using all of these platforms, but as Russell mentioned in the presentation, you will want to start with one media platform!

Pick the one that makes the most since for you and your audience. Where are they most likely to interact with you?

I recommend you pick the one you are actually going to do.

Some people are not comfortable with video, so a Podcast might make more since if that describes you.

For me, doing a Facebook Live is easy, the only disadvantage is I don’t get a lot of live views.

But I can save the video to my phone once I am done, then I can post it to Instagram TV or publish it on my blog.

The Wrap Up

Frank Kern does a really good job of using each of these platforms. You should look him up on Facebook and Instagram to see what I mean.

He does a lot of Facebook Lives, probably one every day, but then he cuts those videos up into sound bites, a couple minutes each.

Then he post those sound bites on Instagram. His best videos, he will post on YouTube.

Russell is really good at repurposing content as well. This audio is a great example. It was a live presentation, which he broke up into three segments, which he them published to his podcast for three different episodes.

What platform will you make your primary, and how ill you improve on what you’re already doing?

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