Why most people struggle with affiliate marketing and how to get results

In this article, I am actually reposting a Facebook Live video from a few days ago. But in the video I’ll discuss the 4 things that lead to Affiliate Marketing Failure and then provide a powerful and FREE solution to help you become more successful with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Struggles

Watch this video for all the details….but if you’re in a hurry you can find an overview or outline of the video below.

The solution mentioned in this video, Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp

The 4 Causes of Affiliate Marketing Failure:

  1. Not A Business
  2. No System
  3. No Support
  4. No Residual Revenue

Let me break these down real quick…if you want more details, just watch the video!

Not A Business

What I mean by this item is, people don’t treat Affiliate Marketing like a business. They have no plan or strategy, just simple trying to past their link all over social media and hope someone clicks on it.

That is not how business is done.

While Affiliate Marketing is one of the greatest forms of leverage, you still need to treat this like a business. You need to build a business around the product / services you rep.

If you’re marketing software, like I do, you could provide a service to help support that software, or a getting started service. Maybe a coaching service.

No System

Most Affiliate programs do not provide a systemized approach to marketing their products. They may have guidelines or suggestions, but they don’t usually have a structured system for you to just plugin too.

If you’ve ever been a part of Network Marketing you know the kind of system I am referring too.

They have the presentation dialed in, they have the tools for you to get the message out, they have meetings for you to bring people too, etc…

While most affiliate programs do not have that, some offer outstanding training.

No Support

In regards to support, often times, there is no one to assist you as you market these products. Some don’t even provide training.

They give you a link and say good luck. Expecting that 80+% will not make any money.

Now this is partly due to the fact that they expect you to be a user of the product or service so you have knowledge of the thing and can rep it from a place of experience.

And that is a great point! You should have a vested interest in the products you rep, otherwise, your just selling snake oil because you don’t really know what you’re selling.

You can’t tell someone that a movie was great if you didn’t watch it.

No Residual Revenue

The majority of affiliate marketing programs do not offer residual revenue.

Money that you earn month after month or year after year from your efforts one time.

For example:

ClickFunnels offers residual revenue. I get a new subscriber, and I get paid month after month as long as that person stays a customer of ClickFunnels.

On the other hand, WP Engine, does NOT offer residual revenue, but they do pay $200 upfront no matter which plan someone buys or for how long. They have such a high retention rate that they can do that.

The Solution

Bottom line if you’re struggling with affiliate marketing but you want to make it a successful business, I recommend this FREE training: Affiliate Bootcamp.

It doesn’t really matter which programs you market, this training can and will help you.

You will get 20+ different marketing ideas and strategies that you can start to apply in your business.

Go check it out, and if you need help feel free to contact me via chat =>

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