The fastest way to get more eyeballs on your blog post

In this article, I’ll reveal my secret strategy (Blog Post Boost) for getting more views and boosting my ranking for my blog post. This strategy is simple and very specific, and doesn’t require spending money. I call it the blog post boost.

Some Background on the Blog Post Boost

When I am on social media, one of the types of post that catch my attention are those that have video. Some are short, under two minutes, others might be six minutes.

The thing these types of post have in-common are the type of content. The shorter ones are usually a quick “insight” or two, giving me a very specific solution. A quick training with a quick ah ha moment.

These “insight” videos tend to be sound bites or snippets from much longer bits of content.

The longer videos that catch my attention are typically a movie trailer or something else entertaining, you know, like those funny videos of people doing stupid stuff ;-).

One day, when I was thinking about how to get more exposure for my blog post without paying an SEO expert or doing any kind of paid ads, I started thinking about these two types of videos.

Then it hit me…

My Strategy Revealed

I’ll break this down in simple steps first, then I’ll provide some context and explanation.

  1. Write your blog post
  2. Create a video “trailer” for the article
  3. Post video trailer to Facebook and Instagram
  4. Post a quick message in your Stories to promote the article

There is one step that is optional, but recommended:

  1. Boost your trailer post on FB and Insta.

I would only spend about $5 to $10 for a day or two when boosting these post to see if they get attention. If they don’t get any engagement, then stop spending money on it and try boosting another one.

Let’s break this strategy down…

Step 1: Writing your article, this you should have handled! I am not going into detail here on that, other than, the content must be GOOD. Really valuable, something impactful and beneficial to your audience.

Step 2: Your trailer should be no more than 2 minutes long, and can be both you talking and imagery. But it is very important that it only cover one or two INSIGHTS.

What is an “insight”?

This is the meat, the ah ha moments you want people to get from your whole article. You want to drop a bomb on them that makes them think, “that is powerful, I need to read the rest of that article!”.

As an example, for this article, my trailer would revel the 5 steps, as the insights to boosting blog post, but they would have to read the article for context and for instruction.

Step 3: Once you have your video created, you need to post it to Facebook and Instagram.

These post need to have different post content and titles. That way you can test what works better.

Your post should look similar to these (borrowed from Frank Kern):

blog post boost strategy

blog post boost

You see how those videos, even without the social post catch your attention and make you want to watch? That is the key!

Step 4: New Story on Facebook and Instagram

This step is simple, just post a new story, inviting people to read your article and make sure you put a link in the story. People who follow you will get a notification that you posted to your stories.

Another trick, and this you want to do sparingly, you can post a story update in any relevant groups you are a part of too. Everyone in the group will be notified of your new story. Some group admins look down on this, so you might want to get permission, but if you just go out there and do it, make sure what you are sharing is relevant to the group.

Far Warning: This trick could get you booted out of the group.

Step 5: Boost Post or Create an Ad to Promote

As mentioned this step is optional, but highly recommended.

With this one, you simple boot your Facebook and Instagram post with your article trailer or create a new Ad using your trailer. The trick is to only spend $5 or $10 per post/Ad.

I recommend doing a couple Ads, and maybe a boost and some Ads, that way you can test different video covers and post titles. Again you’re going to create a few post like the ones displayed above.

The Wrap Up

If you want help implementing this strategy, please message me (bottom right of this page) or contact me here.

Alright so you have this powerful strategy that is designed to get you maximum exposure for your blog post.

Now one important thing, you may NOT want to do this with every blog post, and that is fine. Ideally you’re going to use this strategy with your premium articles. The ones that have a good chance of generating revenue, leads, etc.

You can also look at your stats to see what post are already producing results, and apply this strategy to those existing articles.

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