Affiliate Marketing Insights & Strategy I Learned from Pat Flynn

flynn affiliate marketing

In this article, I’ll share my “ChrisNotes” from an Affiliate Marketing training I attended, taught by Pat Flynn. These notes, and how I lay them out in this article will provide a “getting started” road map if you’re new to affiliate marketing or simple be some tips you can use to improve your current marketing …

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The fastest way to get more eyeballs on your blog post

blog post boost

In this article, I’ll reveal my secret strategy (Blog Post Boost) for getting more views and boosting my ranking for my blog post. This strategy is simple and very specific, and doesn’t require spending money. I call it the blog post boost. Some Background on the Blog Post Boost When I am on social media, …

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Truth: Why your website and emails aren’t converting!

Marketing and selling online isn’t as easy as it use to be. When it was new and shiny, it was like fishing in a stocked pond nobody knows about. You could throw a bait-less hook into the pool of prospects and catch something, every day, over and over again. Today, it takes more effort. You …

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What’s the purpose of using content for marketing?

Using content to attract and establish trust with your target market isn’t anything new. You’ve heard it time and time again. Some people refer to it as blogging, some call it content marketing, but no matter what you call it, your content needs to do more! The truth is, some of your competitors are probably …

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Using Asana as an Editorial Calendar

When I joined Omega Ortega in 2013, my first task was to find a better approach to project management and communication. Being a fan of organization, I knew I needed to find a tool that would replace email and other antiquated solutions. In my search for a solution, I discovered Asana. Teamwork without email. Asana …

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