Setup Your Homepage ATM, Step-by-Step Training

You've seen Brendon teach his Homepage ATM concept, but have you been able to successfully implement what he taught? Did it take you longer than 3 hours? How much did your product suffer because you had to take time to figure out all the technical stuff? Has your ATM started dispensing out cash? I've been working with experts for over 4 years helping them build their … [Read more...]

ClickFunnels Makes Getting Started So Easy!

clickfunnels funnel types

I've been using ClickFunnels now for two months, and I've built a couple funnels, and despite being a techie, getting started was so easy. Here's why... Currently, ClickFunnels comes pre-populated with six different funnel types and one custom option. Funnel Types: Optin Lead Capture Sales Live Webinar Automated Webinar Membership Site Product Launch So, … [Read more...]

Why You Should Add SSL (https) to Your Website

SSL security for your website

You've probably heard by now, that recent changes to the Google Algorithm now value sites with SSL encryption more than sites without it. Let's look at what an SSL certificate is and the two main reasons every website should have one, and it's even more important than search engine optimization. See end of post for WP Engine SSL Certificate discount code, save up to 50% … [Read more...]

3 Causes of Product Launch Failure

I’ve been working with a couple new clients who have gone through the process of launching a new product, but they crashed and burned. They launched, but had no engagement and no sales. In one case, the prelaunch series wasn't even completed, so no body saw the sales video. From my audit of their strategy and prelaunch campaign I quickly identified the three missing … [Read more...]

UXD Hacks #1: Godaddy’s Mobile App

I'm always thinking of new business and product ideas so having the Godaddy mobile app on my phone is a must so that I can quickly research domain names. I would guess that over the past week, I've used the mobile app 5 or 6 times, and I noticed 2 serious user experience issues. 1. Why can't I pay with a card already in my account? You might be thinking this is a security … [Read more...]