Making Your Blog Your Most Valuable Product


Watch the training video here => When I started my first business, 8+ years ago, I was on a mission to teach business owners what I’m about to teach you in this video, but they weren't interested and some couldn’t even understand the concept. However, today, it’s a completely different story. Most businesses have a blog, and … [Read more...]

The WordPress Hosting Dilemma

WordPress Hosting

Whether you're launching your first site, or looking for a better hosting solution for your WordPress website, this video holds all the answers. What I'll Discuss in this Video: The Overall Hosting Dilemma A Hosting Provider Checklist My Tested and Approved Solution Download the Checklist: Hosting Provider Checklist My … [Read more...]

How to Use Gravity Forms Placeholders & Hide Field Labels

With Gravity Forms, WordPress form builder plugin, version 1.9, they added the ability to use placeholders. Giving you the option to display field labels or just use the placeholder. I love this feature because I can use less space with my forms, and make the design cooler! What are Placeholders and Labels As depicted below, the red circles indicate Placeholders and the … [Read more...]

Setup Your Homepage ATM, Step-by-Step Training

You've seen Brendon teach his Homepage ATM concept, but have you been able to successfully implement what he taught? Did it take you longer than 3 hours? How much did your product suffer because you had to take time to figure out all the technical stuff? Has your ATM started dispensing out cash? I've been working with experts for over 4 years helping them build their … [Read more...]

ClickFunnels Makes Getting Started So Easy!

clickfunnels funnel types

I've been using ClickFunnels now for two months, and I've built a couple funnels, and despite being a techie, getting started was so easy. Here's why... Currently, ClickFunnels comes pre-populated with six different funnel types and one custom option. Funnel Types: Optin Lead Capture Sales Live Webinar Automated Webinar Membership Site Product Launch So, … [Read more...]