3 Causes of Product Launch Failure

I’ve been working with a couple new clients who have gone through the process of launching a new product, but they crashed and burned. They launched, but had no engagement and no sales. In one case, the prelaunch series wasn't even completed, so no body saw the sales video. From my audit of their strategy and prelaunch campaign I quickly identified the three missing … [Read more...]

UXD Hacks #1: Godaddy’s Mobile App

I'm always thinking of new business and product ideas so having the Godaddy mobile app on my phone is a must so that I can quickly research domain names. I would guess that over the past week, I've used the mobile app 5 or 6 times, and I noticed 2 serious user experience issues. 1. Why can't I pay with a card already in my account? You might be thinking this is a security … [Read more...]

Are You Offering Too Many Services or Products?

3 Legged Stool Parable

You probably know that a stool only needs at least three legs to stand and support your weight. Yet how often do you see a stool with more than three legs? If a stool only needs three legs, why would you bother adding more? That’s a series of questions I find myself asking so many business owners. If you’ve done it right, you’ve built a business providing services or … [Read more...]

3 Reasons I Started Using Rainmaker (video)


If you haven't heard of the Rainmaker Platform, it's pretty awesome. In short it's a complete website solution for building your online marketing and sales platform. Rainmaker is built on WordPress, but you won't recognize it when you login. Watch this video to find out why I moved to Rainmaker Don't want to watch the video? Download the slides. Start your 14 day FREE … [Read more...]